How do I make an object to always be in the same distance from the camera?

So, I’m currently working on a project where we follow an asteroid through space (I’m talking about like a 20 sec animation or something). I’ve created a nice starfield in Photoshop, but I have one problem…

The starfield is a texture applied to a giant sphere that encases the whole scene (the asteriod and other visual object). But when the camera moves forward, the stars become bigger because the sphere that the starfield-texture is applied to gets closer to the camera, if you know what I mean? So I was wondering, are there any modifiers, object constraints etc that can make the stars to always be in the same scale? A way to make the sphere that is surrounding the scene to always have the same distance from the camera? (The camera is also inside the sphere, and nothing is outside it)

Anyone? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

First of all: Welcome to the community!

There are several ways you could accomplish this. I would suggest applying a “Copy Location” constraint to the sphere with the target being the camera.

Others may have a better ideas, but that’s what I’d do in your situation.

Thanks, seems to be a nice community!

Okay, I’ll try it =)

It seems like there might be another feature just for handling this type of scenario. In games this is called a “sky box” and I know that the Blender game engine supports sky boxes. You might try some searching to see how those work. Besides that, I’ll second the suggestion for a “copy location” constraint.

Another option - you could place the texture in the sky… This may be what kastoria maent…

The way to edit the sky’s texture is to click on first the world buttons (left-most sphere in the properties panal), then on the texture buttons (grid) - I expect you’ve used the texure buttons allready. Here they’re nearly the same - just make sure you apply the sky-texture to Horison rather than Blend.