How do I: Make an Object two sided in 2.57?

Hi there, I’m trying jumping in and making a game in 2.57. I seem to be having some difuclty in making an object two sided? Lets say it’s hald a sphere, how do I go about making both sides shade in 2.57?
In 2.49 I just creat a UV go into edit and click Twoside in the Texture Face tab, and voila!
Not getting the same thing in 2.57.
Any help in the matter would be appreciated.

I just tried again, and thought that I should clarify that it doesn’t show as two sided when the Game Engine is enabled §. I shows 2 sided in the 3D view port in Textured mode though.
I have GLSL enabled in the Blender Render Tab.

  • Go to Edit mode
  • Create a UV
  • Go to “Object Data” tab in Properties window [the one with inverted triangle icon]
  • Under the option for “Texture Face” check “Two Sided” is ticked:confused:
    That’s it.:stuck_out_tongue:

I just tried with 2.57a, and I uv mapped a plane to an image in the image editor. I turned on the textured drawing in edit mode, and flipped my plane over and rendered, and my image was on the other side, reversed as expected. I wonder if this is automatic behaviour now. I will try again on some other shapes.

Just saw your need for game engine, let me see if it appears that way.

2nd edit - I got it to work in the renderer automatically, but it doesn’t appear that way in the game engine - but I need to download 2.57b and see if this is still the case.

I tried 2.57b, and still cannot figure it out. I changed to GLSL in the viewport, figuring that was the problem - while I was in Multitexture, it refused to draw two sided in the viewport. I tried the game engine after swapping over and nada,zip.

It’s not automatic. You have to enable the ‘Two-Side’ button in the Edit tab (next to Object and Material tabs). If you have the Copy Properties add-on enabled (it comes with Blender), you can copy the face settings to all selected faces.

I’ve tried doing double sided (enabling double sided in the object data box) and get nothing too.

Why not upload your blend files?:eek:

Saga: whats the point? All the blend would be is a plane and the above stated option checked, not much really to see.

HalfSphere.blend (387 KB)

Ok… here’s a blend file as an example.

NOTE: -This is for Blender Version 2.57, not 2.49.
-Problem is when Game Engine is enabled. (P key)


OK Molino,
it seems that one has to select individual faces and check “two-side” for all the faces.

btw one triangular face is already two sided.

i think there was an addon to tackle this./D

So let me understand this correctly.
I just tried selecting an individual face, checked “two_side” and it worked. Ok… got it…now… is there a way to copy this to all the other faces?
2.49 had that copy button. Is there no easier way, other than selecting individual faces, to do this in 2.57?
What is this plug in you speak of?
Sorry I might need to have my hand held through this. I’m still not totally familiar with where Blender 2.5x hides everthing.

You know how to enable addons right?

Got it to work. For those who might not be as familiar with 2.5.
Yes… you fist need to enable the ‘Copy Attributes’ add on. You can search it out in the top left of the Add-Ons tab in the User Preferences window. Activate it and hit Save As Default button (bottom left).
To get it to work… make sure your object has UVs, then in Edit mode select a face and then turn on Two_side in the Texture Face tab in the Object Data tab.
with that face selected hit A key twice. First deselects all, second selects all with that first face appearing darker than the rest, it being the active one to copy from.
Then make sure your mouse is over an area where the faces aren’t two-sided yet and hit Ctrl+C, you should see a pop-up menu.
Select “Copy Mode”
Now all the other faces should be two sided as well.

Thanks for the info Molino- but what a faff to get it to work! I would love to get features like this simplified and easy to use.