How do I make armor that you can equip?

How do I make armor that is equip-able and gettable… Like if I find armor somewhere how do I add it on to the player?

Any ideas?

Is this possible?

I want to add an object from another .blend file into the scene and parent it to an armature so it plays the animations the armature is playing is this possible with python?

I need this for the armor in my game, if someone can give me a better way to let the player gain armor through out the game please give me ideas.

I can’t just use the setParent() method because it parents it to the armature object, no the armature armature… if you catch my drift.

Please help me with my problem!

Can’t you parent it to the bone? I don’t know the programming side of it but I know its possible for animation in blender.

huh, yeah, I know that. I can parent it to the bone in python, but I want it to play the animations with deformations, parenting to the bone makes the object move and rotate with the bone, I need the object to deform with the bone… :confused:

Give the armature modifier a shot. I think this works in 2.5 now. It sounds like you’re using dynamic loading, so I’ll just assume you’re using 2.5. If you figure something out, I’d like to know. :slight_smile:

oh, I didn’t know that! But still… Is it possible to put the name of the armature in the modifier while in the game engine? How do you think I would that?


If no one knows how to do this, can you guys give me ideas on how to make switchable armor? I really ned help on this, any ideas would be helpful, but here’s what I was thinking of:

All the armor is invisible but it put on the player model. The armor isn’t effective and you can’t see it until you equip it. Then all the other armors are invisible and are don’t affect the player.

Or I can have them all in a group, the armors are in a different layer and add them when needed and remove them when not needed.

Or same as above but instead use the replace object thing?

Any other ideas?

Just make sure that the armour has the origin in relatively the same position, and parent an empty mesh to the player armature. Then, use the replace mesh modifier to change the mesh of the armours.

Yeah, I was thinking that would be the only way to get to doing that :confused: I wanted to link armors from a different file and use them, but the armatures don’t won’t :confused:

Thanks I’ll try doing that the best I can :wink:


May be you can try by replacing the mesh with something like that in python :

object.replaceMesh(“Player_with_armor”, 1,1)

And make two meshes, one with your armor, one without