how do i make bounce look real?

This is a lattice and ipo.

Of course being me i need a simple and quick way to do it

My five cents…the tire needs to be rolling while flying + bouncing. For the first 2 bounces you can see the writing on the tire stay in the same place = going straight up and down. When it makes contact with the floor the rolling can be slightly interrupted. For the speed the tire is flying it looks like the roll off should happen after the second bounce. The elastic bounce up is maybe a bit over the top… keep em rollin’

I agree it should be rolling and turning.
blender wont let you scale a lattice that is at an angle - or at least it scales it in the wrong direction!

Scaling a Lattice uses the same rules and tools as scaling anything else. Make sure you are in Local mode if using the manipulator - else hitting the axis key twice will give you the same result using the key shortcuts.

( example: scaling the rotated Lattice on it’s local “X” axis you would hit “s” for scale, followed by “X” “X” to constrain the scale to the LOCAL X axis.)


I don’t know what local means.
anyway, when i rotate the lattice to say 45 degrees, but i still want it to scale from top to bottom -it wont because it would mean stretching it corner to corner.
is this the local thing?

Local orientation as opposed to Global (World) orientation . Every object you create in Blender has it own orientation . Sometimes it is aligned to the Global axes and sometimes it is not .

The easiest way of seeing this is to turn on the transform manipulator by : 1) using the Ctrl+Spacebar hotkey combo and enabling it, or 2) by going to the 3Dwindow header and pressing the icons for transform/rotate/scale . When you turn it on it will appear at the object’s center .
And next to the icons is a drop down window with “Global” indicated . And you can change the orientation view of the transform manipulator by pressing the up/down arrows or by using Alt+Spacebar . You can orient the transform manipulator to either Global/Local/Normal/View orientations .

In your case if you switch to Local orientation with the scale transform manipulator turned on you will be able to scale your lattice along the object’s own local axes rather then the global and be able to see the local orientation of the object via the transform manipulator …

Actually here : for more detailed info .

thanks all