How do i make clear glass from cycles in eevee?

how do i make this glass in eevee?

You can use the Principled BSDF and put its Transmission value up to 1 and play with the Roughness value. Then you need to

  1. go into the Render panel > Screen Space Reflections > activate Refraction
  2. go into the Material panel > Settings > enable Screen Space Refraction
  3. and Material panel > Settings > Blend Mode > choose Alpha Blend (and for Shadow Mode choose something else than Opaque);

But the result may not be the one you want (glass in Eevee is not as good as in Cycles for the moment), in that case play with some nodes like Refraction, Glass, Transparent, Glossy, Diffuse…

Ok i will try

I did not get good results and what do you mean by “for the moment”. Will it be better?

I guess so (or I hope so), so what you need to do, depending on what you want, is play with something else than the Principled BSDF, but a combination of nodes like Transparent, Glossy, etc…

i manged to achieve this.

I can’t see the material, maybe give it a Glossy node so that we can see reflections?

Ok that sounds like a good idea.

i tried using a mix shader between the principal and glossy but it did not really work.

made it glossy

@moonboots is right, it takes some tweaking in Eevee to get a decent looking glass.
I very rarely use the Glass Shader…but prefer to use a Glossy combined with a Transparent piped through a Mix shader…

Old project…but shows basic idea

Just for the Multiple Glass in this mesh…

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what does it give with more glossiness and less roughness in the Glossy node?

ADD the IOR,Glass.blend (3.3 MB)

see if you can get a better result. Hope This can help.

Have A Good Day.

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Thank you, and you also have a good day.