How do I make clouds/fog/mist?

I am making a model of a few types of galaxies and need to make them look like transparent clouds or some sort of see through galactic mists. My version is 2.49, I looked through the youtube tutorials, but the closest video that could help me called for a “scatter button” under particles which I don’t have. can any one help me, tell me where to go or if there is another tutorial some where I could go watch. Thanks, you guys rule! Mark.

Not sure myself how to do it ,but i have a idea for you ;).
Use particles over a cloud mesh , each particle should be a flat plane with a smoke material/texture applyed.
The problem is you have to make these “flat plane particles” face the camera at all times, not sure how to go about that.

gave this a try myself, it basicly works.
you can see all the planes which are a particles, not sure how scatter works might be better :wink:
you need to get these planes too face the camera and not render the cloud(theball)
Think a constraint could make them face the camera :wink:
Also up the count to fill the gaps, add a nice material and lighting etc.

Ok tried alittle more and here is my result it needs alot of work on the texture, not sure how to make the object not render and render only the particles.
Its only a idea :wink:
uploaded my file for you aswell, on layer 2 is the plane.
hope it works :wink:

must say it took me much longer in max to do that, love blender its so easy.

i know how to get it to face the camera, just add a constraint (track to)…and then select the camera, also, not a good way to go about it…why not just use the smoke modifier and then shape the domain object like a cloud and force the smoke to shoot all of its particles in one shot…then you have a cloud…or do as the above said and tell the particles to not show the emitter, that way the sphere dissapears

@ steven, to make the object dissapear, go to the particle system and then in the Render tab, uncheck the Emitter option. now the object will not render, only the smoke

Thanks mate, not gave smoke a try yet :wink:
still learning aswell :wink:

:smiley: well theres a good tut for smoke at blenderguru, under the smoke modifier, and a little tip, for later watching (in case of bad internets :P) go to and download any tuts for later reference…ive dont this and so far, ive had hundreds of things i learned from going back and watching a second time…and your welcome :smiley: remember to place a plane inside that domain cube, or else your smoke wont work :smiley:

Thanks every one, I’m on it.

Evil Moose, where is the smoke modifier and does it work on any object?

Your welcome, peace!

Your welcome

And thank you too Evil Moose, did not know that website could save other websites.
I been using it for youtube only lol

just about any object and the smoke modifier is in the last panel on the right if your using 2.56 if your using 2.4 idk where it is but its there

just click your domain cloud thing and click the add smoke button and then change the type to domain, and then on the object in the center change its type to smoke, and emitter.

have fun!!!

also for more you can email me at [email protected]
happy blending!

@ Steven
yep it can save any link you can find it that has a video on it…so go ahead and try

Yeah I have 2.4 Where would I attempt to look under to try and find the smoke modifier? All the tutorials there are ether using a particle button which I don’t have and every one uses a plane to start with, and I need my objects turned into smoke (a ball and a spiral)

There’s no smoke sim in 2.4x, thus no smoke modifier or anything else.

actually, the particle systems can be used to make smoke, thats all the smoke modifier in 2.5 is…so just make a particle system and have it emit a halo type smoke color

Well, since you just want to create clouds/mist, I’d suggest to simply use the Blender 2.5 cloud generator and do it with just a few clicks. Tutorial: