How do I make fluid simulation with fine detail

Most YouTube tutorials and demos show liquid simulations with water looking too chunky. Every tutorial I’ve seen shows water coming out of a pipe but looks more like it’s coming out of a syringe. Is it not possible to scale down the particles? A single drop seems like 5mm thick so it doesn’t look good.

Is there a tutorial or a fix for that?

You just have to increase the resolution. It will take (maybe a lot) more calculation time which is probably why tutorials usually show simulations with lower resolution.

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I didn’t know if it was a scale thing so thanks for clearing that up.

Well, it is not really a scale thing. It is the resolution.
In Fluid sims the “Domain” Object is cut up into a grid. This grids density determins how small a “piece” of water can be. If you increase the resolution the grid will be more dense and the water pieces can be smaller.

Similar to an image. The more pixels you have the smaller the detail can be.

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The pixel analogy. Perfect!
I appreciate the help.

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