How do I make halfway-decent game engine lighting?

Have you tried my texturing demo? Texture-and-light.blend
It shows the basic texturing possibilities in Blender.

Okay, so Blender isn’t state-of-the art software. But I cannot think of any better program which is so easy to use and offers you the capability of creating complete executable games simple and fast. I know Blender Game Engine is very limited, but it does what I need it to do.

I adjust to it’s limits and try to push it to these limits using my own creativity.

But don’t misunderstand me: I’m 100% for improving the Game Engine and give it a long and succesful life in whatever form -as long as it keeps the strengths it has-


I’m not sure if this should be posted as a new topic, and I haven’t tried the various solutions posted here yet - they may provide some answers. But to be honest lighting in Blender is really frustrating me, as I can’t get it to do simple little things, but I’ll get to that after my little lighting rant:

First off, I am building a small ‘house’ within a cylinder cavern. When I turn on textures and view it in Blender to see how it is looking - it looks EXACTLY as I want it. The inside of the house is real dim, there is a desk with a small light over it, and I can see its light on the desktop.

When I run the game in Blender however, the inside of the house is glowing REAL bright like I have a strong lamp in its center (this occured even before the desklamp which is the only light in the house. BTW: everything in this cavern is UV mapped, and set to ‘Light’ so that there is shading etc. The desk is the most frustrating part - it is utterly black - even though there is a lamp right above it. So I really can’t place any clues or papers for the user to view - they wouldn’t be able to see them.

When I compile it to an exe lighting etc gets even worse. All of the game’s colors are washed out, the contrast is goes away etc, so everything looks all foggy - I have looked for any possible mist or fog settings and made sure they are zeroed out etc.

I would be happy to post screen shots of the situations I am describing, unfortunately the game file is a bit large w/ audio etc, but if you need that posted I can see if I can slim it down some.

I don’t know if there are any solutions to this. It is strange to me that the game wouldn’t simply be lit as it is in the textured preview, I am not doing anything fancy that the engine cannot handle. The only lights I have been using are lamps, no spotlights or anything (I am not sure what types of lights are supported in the engine, but I know the lamps sort of are).

I am really impressed with so many aspects of the game engine, but this lighting thing is starting to look like a hurdle I can’t readily overcome, and it is being revealed as a more serious issue the further along I go in Blender. :confused:

Blenders runtimes have been notorious for messing up the lighting in a game. You could compensate this by making your scene darker within blender or by setting the vertcolors instead of using dynamic lighting.

I get a script error every time on this line:

myuvco = (f.uv[f.v.index(edge[0])],f.uv[f.v.index(edge[1])])

Specs: Mac Mini 1,42GHz, 1GB RAM, Mac OS X 10.4.3, Python 2.3.3

Maybe I need a newer version of Python? Thanks!