How do I make header file?

I want to make header file for .blender (or as 3ds). I haven’t find any answer for doing that. How should I do it?

Factual answer: You create a header file by writing it with a text editor.

Err… what should a header file for “.blender” or “3ds” do? You already linked to a text explaining header files in general so I am mildly surprised.

Okay, I format my words better:

I heard making binary file require header. But I can’t say if it’s true. I can’t find any tutorials about binary. So, actually I want export blender file to binary, is that possible?

What do you mean by “binary” or “making binary file”?

I mean binary file format. I want to know, is it possible export blender file format to binary.

.blend files are in binary format (which commonly means that they are not a readable text format like e.g. XML).

Do you mean: Stand-alone runnables like .exe on Windows?

Yes! Thats what I’m looking for! (I’m sorry that I couldn’t explain it more closely.)

You are talking about Blender made games? Sorry, I am no expert at this. I think there is just a menu item for exporting a runtime, you don’t need to compile yourself (which is what header files would be needed for). Better consult the documentation about htis or ask in the appropriate game engine forum.