How Do I Make Him Die?

in my game i have an enemy, when he spots me he runs behind cover and opens fire (all with out python! :D)
when i shoot him he plays a dying sequence of my choosing, but there is one problem.

he is laying dead on the floor, but he is still emptying rounds at me! he even rolls behind cover and tracks to my movements, but he is suppose to be dead!

i salute his rock hard determination! but i dont think too many others will. how can i make it so when he collides with bullet A, all of his other actions cease.

i think if i end the bone object (which holds all his triggers) it will work, but then im afraid he wont play the dying sequence.

PS dont ask how i making a full third person shooter without python, lets just say it takes alot of objects and my computer can handle it fine.

Make an int. property named “dead” with a value of 0. Add a property sensor (dead=0) and connect it to all of your actions except for the dying one. Then, when he is shot, make a property actuator with add +1 to dead. Then make another property sensor (dead=1) and connect it to your death action. I hope that made sense…

ah ha! i see what your saying, im gonna see that works

That’s not really something to be proud of. Probably whatever you’ve set up could be accomplished much more efficiently (and with a performance bonus) with a short Python script.

Cool man!
A complete logic brick setup!
Until someone gives you this super efficient script, I suggest sticking with the logic bricks.

The main thing is that you are able to make it happen now, and that you are able to complete your game with your current skill level.

A working sloppy game is still better than an efficient game that is half complete, and abandoned because it became too confusing :smiley: Or becuse you used a python script and found one of the memory leak errors, that have killed many many blender GE projects. (Has anyone ever gotten a memory leak using 100% logic bricks yet?)

A few years ago someone told me that a logic brick only game was completely impossible… Now that I have 6 working games under my belt, and 3 of which are featured in Blender Nation, I can only laugh at that person (he stopeed coming around a few years ago, or changed his name)

My most recent project only uses Python to access the PYgame sound system, and for a save and load system. Other than that it is completely logic bricks.

Well anyways, If I would have listened to that person, and started learning python for all my game logic, I probably would not have any complete games yet.

It is true that some people can make things more efficient with scripts, the big question is “Can you?”… Stick with what you know and have fun making your game…
I highly recommend learning python … but it is not needed to make a game, nor is it needed to make a “good game”.

here read the reviews of my latest project:

well, anyway… make sure you complete your project, and start learning python as soon as possible.Python knowledge will help you in many other game engines, and applications.

Wow Mmph!, thats exactly what I want to hear. I’m going to quote you on the release of my demo.

That’s not really something to be proud of. Probably whatever you’ve set up could be accomplished much more efficiently (and with a performance bonus) with a short Python script.

nope! as efficent as can be! as a matter of fact, everytime i start doing something, i find a way to compress and improve the last action. alot of things can be done with empties and invisible cubes. i even figured out how to make bullets work without rays, and they wont go through walls! :smiley: (unless of couse i want them to)
no confuseing mess of logic blocks either! seperate cubes control much of the actions.

this is what i got so far: level one, your base is under attack, you must defend your HQ from falling into enemy hands. the base is attacked by several enemies some smart (take cover, more acurate, conserve ammo) some are stupid (charge head first with guns blazing). you have some allies to help you guard the base, some patrol around the base (stopping only if your in their way, or if they need to engage an enemy) and some are stationary (window shooters).
it works smooth as silk without one line of that nerdy code stuff

anyway, i seem to have gotten stuck though. how do i send a message to just one object instead of brodcasting it? in the “To” box i put the object’s name, but it never recieves the stupid message! am i suppose to put the object’s name or something else in there?

i just figured it out! im starting to think i might be talented or something :eyebrowlift:

Cool man!

What Plant Person said is 100% true.

He is a good guy :slight_smile:
My above post may seem like a mockery, but if you read it very closely I am agreeing with everything he is saying.(in my diluted odd way)

He is one of the few BGE developers that can brag about a full title under his belt.(even more bragging rights… he did his first prototypes with SUMO).

anyway, more power to you… complete this project, and you can join the elite :smiley:

Awesome hope your project goes well. I would love to see how have it it setup with just logic bricks, maybe you could post a .blend or a quick explanition. Thank you, but I would understand if you didn’t want to. Good luck.

good luck NJrotc in your project :slight_smile:
i want to add that python is sometimes nearly the only solution for some cases …
if you have a character , and he have a weapon , the laser spot that is casted on the wall needs set D loc and etc …

logic bricks and python are both important, the heart isn’t more important the the lungs and the the lungs are not more important than the heart , a complete body


Actually, I have two full titles under my belt…one of them is just kind of short, that’s all.

As far as Sumo goes, that was more by necessity than by choice. When I started the project, bullet was only good for cars and rigid body physics.

I stand corrected :smiley:

Sorry about that, I even knew about Zark and Into the titan both, just bad wording :slight_smile:

Broadcasting is the only way that works, as far as I know. Maybe they fixed it in 2.45, but I havent tried it yet.

Dont worry about broadcasting, its just one line added to global var, I think. (that would have been the spart way to code it anyway). And when an object is in use, it will check the global var first.

I think…