how do I make him walk correctly?

Dear people on blenderartists forums,
I have a character that has a limp in his leg:
How do I remove the limp?
also, I linked data with a proxy armature and I’m not sure how to make it local without messing up the mesh/armature relationship.

how do I make it local ?



You uploaded a file with a linked character, without the character. I would look at it, but not if I have to frig round looking for the original rig, etc. :frowning: Save a copy with the rig made local and upload that.

well shoot.
I can’t seem to get it to work. The armature for the rig is a proxy. Every time I make it local, the mesh disappears /stands still - disconnected from the armature. When I try to parent the mesh to the armature, it doesn’t work.
I also tried linking the data to another blend file -so I could zip it up -but was unable to do that.
K, new question, how do I get this thing to become local?

Did you try CTRL-Left clicking on the library name in the outliner? You could perhaps, change it there, so you can zip it up with the original rig, ideally in the same folder.

I did something - I somehow managed to make enough of it local -I renamed the library folder and it still works, so there (Phew! -that took some time )

also, what’s that ghost thing? is that a proxy?

k, so - recap :

  1. how do I fix the limp?
  2. What’s the best way to go from linked to local (including a proxy armature) ?
  3. any other good rigs ?


newthing.blend (411 KB)

I kind of like the limp - it adds character.

The limp is there because one step is longer than the other. The character spends more time on one foot than the other. As soon as he puts weight on one foot, he puts the the other foot down, as if one leg is weaker than the other.

The solution (after you’ve saved a new file or made a new action - the limp is good) make both steps the same length - preferably entirely symmetrical.

k thanks yogyog