How do I make it render everything, and not from a camera?

I have made a 800 man macedonian phalanx (16 deep 50 wide) and it is 126400 faces.

When I look at it in the normal 3d view it only shows 320 people at a time (lok to the right of the phalanxe on the screenshot below)(and an odd leg, arm or sarissa that comes into the field of what its willing to show.) and the same happens when I render it, how do I make it show everyone, do I simply need to scale it down so everyone fits in the ‘willing to render’ area or is it because of the number of faces?

and 2 my pc is horribly slowed down by the number of faces, and the in scene camera has become unresponsive to all commands except the occasional grab and move that it responds to. It says that it is moving and or rotating but doesnt. Meanwhile I can get the views themselves (side, front ect.) to move so I was wondering how do I render properly from them as when I press the render this window button it just shows whats currently on the screen on a blue background, it doesnt actually render at all. (see below)


And finally how do I save renders lol :confused:

I guess this means that 100 faces per person with 20-50 faces per persons aditional equiptmwnt (the minimum I wanted to do) is too many for a game though…

can you maybe post the file so that i can have a look, im not sure i quite
understand you.

but to answer you first Q,
yes, you can scale it all down if you want, or just change the max view in the camera settings(select the cam, editing tab)
the defualt max view length is 100, but you can put it much higher(not sure the absolute max)
hope that helps, not sure on your second question.

peace out man

Nah theres no real point, I think i’ll just start making some high poly models, more fun.

amen bro, ttyl

you can save renders from the “file” menu, there should be an option: “save image”