How do I make it so I can use a small inflow in a small pipeline with a large domain?

Is that possible in eevee?
What are the setting I should use to try it?

I only use free add ons which are easy to install.

When I change the resolutions divisions to 32, 64,100, 150, 200, 250, 300… or even more. It won’t make a difference.

I am just a beginner and try to find the answer on YouTube or whatever but I can’t seem to find the answer

You can create your own domain starting from a cube that you have resized as desired and then designate it as domain in the " Physics Properties panel" :

Or just resize the domaine with scale “S” in the “3D viewport”.

Okay thank you. I’ll try it

In the end I got the same results and see no liquid

Normally you should see small blue and green particles like below:

if so, try checking “Mesh” in the Physics properties Panel:

you should normally get this result:

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It worked. Thank you!

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