How do I make my character creator work?

Hello, I’ve searched on google (a lot), but I haven’t found a solution, so I’ll ask you helpful guys. :slight_smile:
I want to make a character creator for a game, and I want to be able to change the character’s color from black to white by clicking on a button on the HUD. The HUD is a separate scene and used in-game with the Scene Overlay actuator, the button is a simple plane.
I have no idea how to “transfer” the signal from the button to the character. (Right now, I tried to use an action with the material color keyframed for the color change.) Do I need to use Python for this? If so, could someone post a code for this?
Many thanks!

PS: I’d also like to replace a model with another one by clicking on another button, how could I do that?

you’re going to want to get familiar with globals


trigger a python script that defines global ,

ie list, integer etc.

Step 2
Clicking your plane changes that global

Step 3
Scene needs to check global when ___ (always - or when scene overlay is closed etc)

trigger logic or python to change color and or model


KeyDictandDoor(Commented).blend (579 KB)

For a situation like this, and since you aren’t experienced with Python, I suggest using the logic brick messages.

Yes, messages are the way to go. See the guides to messages referred in my signature. If you need more support you can find more guides there as well.

thank you very much! i tested the messages on a simpler scene, and it worked like a charm. :slight_smile: