how do i make my player move???

ok ive done the part with the rigging of the modle, made the animation of running,
now i need to know how to make the animation play when i press “w” for when my player moves forward, its soo hrd to find anything on youtube about it so im asking here please can anyone help??:confused:


The animation needs to be an action in the Action Editor window, to do this:

Select your armature
Open the Action Editor
Hit add new
Name your action
Then do the ipo keys as usual, they should appear in the Action Editor grid
Go to the logic panel
Hook up a keyboard sensor to a controller and then to the action actuator
Set the keyboard sensor to detect W, type the name of your action and it’s start and end frames into the fields provided on the actuator, and it should run.

I once had the same problem.

The blender game engine does not support armatures as modifiers. What you need to do is delete the modifiers from the modifier stack, then select your character, Shift select the armature and hit CTRL+P. A pop-up will appear, choose: armature -> don’t create vertex groups (becausse you already created them).

Now your animation should work in the game engine.
Hope it helps!

i need help makeing a moveing walking player … like ive got the modle and i know how to make the player move but i need to make the player move with the movement animation useing riggs but i not kno how to do so… pl
plzz help!!!

you will have to use motion actuators for the movement. You can use either an ipo or action actuator for the animations.

ive got the animaton like my guy walks but i need him to do the walk while i press “w”

no it doesent work properly and yea here some pics of what ive done…


can you post a .blend?

Attach a motion actuator with a positive y value to that same controller.