How do I make my render look like an old photograph?

How do I make my render (cycles) look like an old photo from the 1970s?

Is it necessary for you to do it in Blender?

The easiest way is to use other software - even GIMP has got ready-to-use old photography filter.

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You can also use tools in the compositor. For example, an “old” photo will be desaturated and will have contrast and color-cast. Certainly look at existing filters in tools like GIMP as suggested, then put before-and-after shots side by side and analyze what the filter did. You can then do the same things with compositor nodes. (Or, for a single shot, “just use GIMP and be done.”)

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Render out using filmic View Transform, then do the magic elsewhere. Filmic simulates film emulsion, in that it’s hard to over-expose (but you won’t get the noise from over-exposure). There was so much film stock around at that time (before my time btw), it’s very hard to say what kind of look you’re going for. While older versions of Blender had film look styles, afaik they weren’t greatly implemented and you’re probably better off doing it elsewhere.