how do i make my rigged character stand on a plane

how do i make my rigged character stand on a plane with dynamics but not have to be making a hugh sphere like thing because when i make the sphere big it cant go too close to anything and when i make too small his foot always end up going through the plane. also how do i stop the bouncing

Just put the objects “dot” around his foot, then make it the size of his foot area, that works pretty well.

Also to stop the bouncing thing, just add a material to the plane.


 As far as the bouncing part: you need to select the ground mesh and add a material to it, then at the bottom, click the 'Dyn' button (stands for dynamic). Usually, this will take care of the problem. If not, try messing with the restitution - it controls the elasticity of the object. * Note: if you have two objects with dynamic material applied, the force or bounce will be calcuated from the one with the lower restitution setting.
 As far as keeping your guy from going through the floor: one idea is to have a dynamic object directly under your character (make the object invisible), then parent your character to it and have the movement controls mapped to the small object and still have the walking animation mapped to the guy when the corresponding button(s) is pressed. This will take care of your problem, but may cause new ones, including: there will be a small gap between the guy's feet and the floor where the object is... ***** NOTE: Make sure NOT to turn on 'Rigid Body' for the small object!!! Also, turn of the dynamic setting for the guy himself under the game buttons, otherwise he will not stay parented to the small object, but instead fall to the ground.
 Sorry! I know this is a lot, but hopefully it answers your questions!


Another thing you can do instead of a sphere is create a rectangular object that practically surrounds the rigged model. Then, parent the armature to the rectangular object, and use the rectangular object for movement, physics, etc. (Make sure to set the bounds to polyheader, or poltope.)