How do I make my "SCREW" 'not screwed' ??

Now, all I want is an easy method to make one end of this screw mesh smooth, like a cylinder.

For example, the stick on a broom has a few threads ONLY at the end, the rest of the stick is smooth.

Any help is appreciated. :o

How about selecting the edges at the bottom then clicking Ekey, edges only, extruding in the z? direction then flattening it with s/z/0 ?

I tried that. It looks good at first. I removed Doubles, and it still “looks OK”, but when I add smooth and subsurf it becomes a disaster. :frowning:

Try placing your extruded and flattened edge close to the screw, then extrude it again. You probably don’t have enough edges to support the subsurf. Also, you could try turning the cross section back to a circle again by using the to sphere function on each extruded edgeloop. Or maybe just create a new circle mesh in it’s place with the same number of vertices then connecting it to your screw (For a perfect circle with evenly distributed vertices)?

edit-- remove doubles first.
Did you figure this out? I just tried it and I found it easer if the steps are an even number. Its hard to explain what I did. here are some pics of a simple screw. if the mesh is denser I made more “steps” in steps 2 and 3 so I could make the loop in step 4 and 5. Step 6 is to sphere, extrude, scale etc…
I know I end up with some tris but my test renders look ok to me.

Edge select on the fattest part of the “threads”, deselect all but one full rotation at the top, and extude this as your handle. There will be some inside faces you’ll need to kill, or not. They don’t affect anything, but I just can’t leave them there. (from topdown with solid on so you only grab the first ones, badda bing)

Then in the triangle where you started the extrude, you’ll have to manually make some faces to close that off. Course the handle end is going to look pretty funny, either shift the verts around manually (yawn) or knife it, then extrude a couple times to make a top.

hey this is fun (I never used screw before)
oops looks like the screws are all bent they must be from HomeDepo :rolleyes:

Nice, I like that.

Thanks everyone!
I now have lids for my shakers! :stuck_out_tongue:

off topic–
looks nice:)
I wanted to let you know I have been looking at your scene and I learned how to do the soft shadows( in my little screw test above) with the little area light from your wip.

Hey shr1k, your screws look GOOD! I am glad that I have given inspiration :stuck_out_tongue:

:smiley: you said broom stick, so that’s what I exampled. I have a directory of sample blends of crap I randomly make, so now there’s threaded_stick_thing_plunger_broom_etc.blend

my own personal repository of crappy meshes++;

Your pepper looks like black sand, but that’s for another thread. The screwcaps are spot-on!

:p:mad: @ homedepot joke, although it’s not really funny cause it’s true, the cheap bastards…

I too have my own suppository of Blender stuff, mainly Blend Files, like ideal caustic settings, YafRay, lighting, glass etc.

I actually used visual reference for the shakers this time, the old plastic ones were from memory. So it does make a difference using a reference.

As far as Pepper? I just used Blender’s procedural textures and “hoped for a real look”. I am not sure on how to do this, other than pouring pepper onto my scanner and making a seamless texture. That’s not a bad idea.

Can you give more explanation for the screw figure 5 to 6

how do you end up with a circle

i tried that before and found it is extremely difficult to do in 3D viewport

Tanks & Salutations

If you need to be precisey flat, either extrude them past where you need them and razor them, or move them.

See how there’s 8 verts? Once you’ve added the two faces, move the low ones up and the high ones down. You can always position the cursor at the vert’s height you wish to match and then paste that when you move the others, snap selection -> cursor. (for something with 48 verts, screw that, razor it. :D)

I used the scale widget. the object your working on must be aligned to the grid. select the loop at the end of the screw. hold the Ctrl key and use the scale widget and scale z to 0(in this case). then shift -s,cursor to selected(the loop),in the mesh tab,To Sphere -100%.
You can also type S-Z-0, instead of using the widget. Alt-RMB will select the whole loop at once, if you made a real face loop when you messed with the end of the screw in step 3 and 4.
EDIT---- if your mesh is not aligned to the world coordinates then you can change the widget to local or normal orientation. For me this doesn’t always work right, but its worth a try.

this looks like a perfect circle WOW !

what do you mean by “razor” ?
explain it in french if you have too

Unless you use the Script with a plane to cut another mesh !

But you won’t get a perfect circle ?

Sorry my english sometimes is not that good with some expression in english

You are correct. You need a circle that is centered. What I did was, I used Alt+RMB to select the outer-most loop. Then I used S+Z+0 to to make the circle, the I used removed Doubles. I HIDE the circle for later use, as a reference.

I use the tutorial as seen above. Then I unhide the circle and slide it down to the same level as the screw are and drag the imperfect vertices to match the perfect circle (actually I use Shift+S), next I remove doubles.

Now I can extrude the circle to make a broom stick or whatever.

I remember now where i had this problem

For the replacement of filament lamp with miniature Fluorescent
tube the one with the double helix

the worst part was at the bottom because it turns in two plane at the same time and then down vertical toward the ballast in the base

i was trying to get a circle from each of the helix and then turn at 90 degrees then down vertical

the problem is that the circles are not in the main global axis

this is torture for the mind and Blender
i found it almost impossible to do !


oui, le script de rasoir. (your English is much better than my French.)

But it doesn’t matter, S - Z - 0 definitely easiest / fastest way.