How do I make my Tank move avoid another tank?

i’m only 12 year old…
I 'm tried to make invisible shield but:

You could parent a waypoint to each tank.Then have the other tanks switch states to follow to other nearest waypoints.When they are real close to each other.I would put a box around the tank so it can switch states back to the first state when it detects that property that is on the box.Which would be to find the player.

Ok, avoid other tanks? In a bge game? Steering actuator flee.

I think what he means is to make it so that the tanks don’t collide with one another when tracking the waypoint, so they would travel next to each other or behind one another. I don’t know how to do this, but I would guess you need to make them obstacles somehow, but then each tank would detect itself as an obstacle…

I just did that :smiley:

each “NavBase” is a obstacle


LookOutNowItsReallyOnWheels(navmeshDriver) (2).blend (1.06 MB)