How do i make my text "swing"?

Hello Blender-Community!

For an animation I would like to have a text, that “swings” into the camera, like a swing. So i need my text to “grab” an invisible bar just above the camera, where it is going to swing and oscillate until it is still. - I hope you know what i mean!

I don’t know what tutorial i should look for, something with physics i guess… so i would be very delighted if somebody could send me a good link or give me a few hints on how i can do this.

If you have any questions, please ask!


Simple Option.
Move the object origin to the ‘swing axis’, keyframe animate the text totating. In the graph editor you can apply modifiers to animation curves to aid with creating more mathematical movement.

Option 2
Use Rigid Body constraints to set up a swing simulation. Connect the text to the swinging object.

thanks for your quick answer!

about option 1:
i actually want to put the object origin slightly over the object, and if i then make 2 keyframes, it’s not a swing from the origin, but more a simple movement from the first to the second keyframe (the rotation and the location-change happen at the same time). the swing should actually be along a circle… do you know what i mean?

otherwise i will try it with your second option. Thanks again!

oh i did something wrong, i put the rotation point to 3d-cursor instead of the origin. after that i put the origin to the swing axis and it works fine now.
I just have another question: i added a modifier to the graph editor for a normalised sinus. But there is no controller for the velocity of the normalisation. Is there a easy way to make the sinus-curve normalise quicker?

Thank you!

If by sinus you mean sin? Then you should use the normal sine modifier in the graph editor, then in the “restrict frame range” you can set an end frame and then increase the “out” value to make it fade away towards the end. Hopefully fiddling with these values will help you get it the way you want it.
Hope I’ve been helpful :slight_smile: