How Do I Make Nurbs Tree Grow From Bottom Up?

Using a Nurbs Path to create a tree. I want the tree to grow from bottom up naturally.

Q. How do I make tree grow from the bottom up without having to keyframe every branch. I want to use the Slider in the Curve Settings to grow the tree from the bottom up including the branches. When I animate it, currently the branches start growing at the same time the tree trunk starts growing.

I tried “Joining” The branches but that didn’t work with Nurbs Paths and they still need to be keyframes separately then. I tried creating a tree using polys and then converting the polys to a Spline but when I animated it the branches still grew at the same time as the tree trunk (I need the tree to grow/animate from the bottom up including the branches)

See in my example below. When I animate the curves (tree trunk and branches) they all grow at the same time. This is not what I want. I want the tree to grow Naturally from the bottom up.

anyone able to help with this?