How do I make objects seem "heavier"?

So I made a tank model, and i set it up on some terrain in the game engine. But it seemed “light” like it went really fast, flew and bounced, like when going over hills or falling. Also the tracks sunk into the ground. What settings should I have to first make it act like it is heavy, and second, put its children (the gun and the tracks) in the collision model?


Second - you need a invisible triangle mesh object, that is your physics object,

all items are parented to this,

Also - try increasing friction and motion dampening. Friction is accessible in the materials “Physics” panel. You need to enable it first, then you can fiddle with the values.

Dampening should be in the Physics pane where the object type is (Static, Dynamic, Rigid Body, Soft Body, CHaracter, Sensor, Occluder, No colission…).

Mass = weight / gravity :wink: