how do i make shadows???

(ineedanewbi) #1

ive tried to make shadows in blender but i cant, ive tried fiddling with lamps, spots, and materials

does anyone know where a shadow tuturial is, or can someone give me step by step instructions to render shadows?


(VelikM) #2

Only spots cast shadows. To render the shadow the “Shadows” button has to be clicked, in the “Display” buttons window (HotKey: f10) between the BIG “Render” and “Anim” buttons.
In the “Lamps” window Clip Start and Clip End set the render depth of the shadow buffer, keep the start and end as close together as you can while still covering the scene. BufSi512, 768… control the size of the shadow buffer 2560 produces the best shadow but uses the most mem., Samples is an antialising setting, Bias increase this setting if you get light and dark banding in the shadow, Soft controls the edge of the shadow bigger settings give a soft shadow edge…