How do i make some stuff please look..

hello i would just like to know how do i make a bow and arrow (not modle).
things i would like to learn in order of importance…
Arrow: how do i make a arrow go in a ark when the mouse left button is clicked
Bow: makeing the bows string draw back when the mouse button is clicked
Dust: if your standing a certain distance away but it fades.

I only need those three at the moment, i know the basics of rigging, modleing, textures, cloth. liquid, grass etc but idk how to make the grass apair in the game.

thanks in advance for any advice :slight_smile:

Note: im useing 2.49 because i cant learn the new 2.5 versions there soo different to 2.49 lol
also i cant watch videos cos im on dial up :frowning:

bow string - shapeactions
arrow - a dynamic object with a force applied momentarily
dust - obColour and animated alpha.

If you are on 2.5x, i shall leave now (I use 2.49, so my 2.5x experience is limited)

hmm bow string maby… the arrow doesent realy explain much… i need some more detail for exsample, ive figured out how to do mist
throught the Shadeing>World Buttons>mist/stars/Phisics tab and applying mist.

i just realy need the arrow now… so when the mouse button is pressed bow draws back let go and the arrow goes in an arc once a certain timer has gon by the arrow is reloaded in the bow. thats what i need please anyone!!!

wow, you sound pretty desperate for an answer :o

Well the arrow, set it do “dynamic” or “rigid body”, add an always sensor, set to “tap”, then conect to an AND controller, to a motion actuator, depending on the local axis of your arrow, X, Y, or Z, whichever axis is forward, ramp up the force value on this column (if the axis is pointed backward then use a negative value in that column, I’ll make an example Blend if you need)

Killa, i think that you need to learn some basics before directly asking how to make that arrow shooting thing. Is not hard to do, and you’d finish in about two hours, but following some basic tutorials about animation and game engine logic bricks will allow you to know exactly what to do in that situation and in a lot of other common ones. if you’re using 2.49 take a look at, thought i’d recommend you to use 2.5 instead.
hope it helps, as i’m a newbie also and i dont have a lot fo experience~

yea lol i know that i just need to know how to make the arrow come back to the bow after a certain ammount of time has gon by for exsample.

mouse>left button>and>motion (i dunno atm)
Touching>and>goto quivver <that part i dont know how to do how do i make the arrow go to the quivver after it hits something! lol i cant find anything cos im on dial up lol thats why im useing text :frowning:

oh yay i found out how to do a bullet :smiley:
what i did was make a bullet and put it onto a 2 thingi with “m”
and made an empty infront of the gun partented it to the gun…
i did
message “shoot”>and>add object bullet at -100 volocidy and put time of 200 on it then now i can have bullets come out of the gun YAY :smiley:
now i just need to make the bow and arrow lol will post any questions on here when i have finnished it (i made a gun cos it was easy) :slight_smile:

i will upload a picture of my gun on here i thought it was pretty good for first time trying to make a gun :smiley: