How do I make something change colors over timeframes?

How do make a material change throughout an anim? I tried the lpo curve window, and went to Material in the menu at the bottom, hit insert keyframe, but nothing happens! WTF?


(( CRAYOLA (( >

You’re almost there. In the righthand column are slots R,G&B. Select R and Ctrl-Leftclick on the IPO grid and you’ll have an IPO curve for Red. Rinse and repeat for G and B. You can add a second Keyframe to each curve before moving on to the next. Then you can select one curve and Tab into edit mode and shape it.
The value 1 is full color and 0 the color is off. So while red slopes down from 1 to 0 blue can slope up from 0 to 1 over the same number of frames.