How do I make something half clear half not?

Hi! I’v been gon for about 2 weeks and now im back so ill be in the forums alot more!

Ok… I have a fish. and I have a green and white texture. how do i make he white part of the fish clear but the green part not? Do i use nodes? O ya what are nodes!!!

Thx, Cannon

simplest way would probably be to take your texture, into an image editing program, replace the green with black, and use the black and white image as a texture but mapped to affect the alpha of the material. If the image editor is any decent one, you can set that region to be transparent directly and save as png, tga, or any format that supports alpha channels.

there’s probably a nodes setup that can do it directly with the green, but making a separate alpha mask will probably give you more control.

Um… What?!? Can you please elaborate on what you said. Im new and i dont have no clue what you just said!

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If you have black in the image enabling “Calc Alpha” in the texture buttons (F6) will cause the black to become transparent. Then in the material buttons on the “Map To” tab enable Alpha and finally set “Z Transp” and roll tha Alpha slider down to the appropriate level that you desire. You can also do this percolor/render layer in the compositor with a matte node to pull a key color.

Ok I got it now!! Thx for the help!