How do I make texture reflection mapping look like the older versions?

I’m trying to emulate early CGI. A common trick that some renders used was to fake reflections with a texture that looks like a reflection that was then mapped in a weird way.

I used to be able to do this on older versions of blender by setting the texture mapping to “reflection,” yet attempting to do the same thing in the latest version of blender results in weird effects.

Is there a way to change this back to the old style?



It’s close, but not exactly what I’m going for. I apologize if my wording wasn’t clear.

Here’s the effect in an older version of blender. The texture is projected like it is around the object, whereas the newer version is doing… something.

It’s a question about what image you are using… i was using this:

But here i’ m using a gradient to mimic your texture with the same mapping’s settings:

with little adjustments on the mapping node to place correctly the gradient…


Ah, I forgot about adjusting the mapping node.

It looks much better now. I think the slight color difference is due to the lighting differences between versions.


you’ve got to use render shading mode(last ball)
and set up your world color

I use it all the time when adding reflection to Armors for Skyrim and several other game mods…Use a Cube-map and apply it something like this…Note: Texture Coordinates set to Reflection…

You don’t need to plug-it into metal…I just like it better this way… for that extra bit of Gloss

This has NO lighting…but with an HDRI it works the same as with @skuax solution just a slightly different node tree…