How do I make the Particles and Curve Guide Work?

I have a sphere and added particles to it. With the sphere and then the curve selected. In the physics tab i selected the force type as curve guide. Why are the particles not following the path? It still dropping down. Whats going wrong? Any suggestion or help. Thanks

particles path.blend (1001.3 KB)

Enable Path Animation in curve’s setting

Thanks for replying. I did but the problem is its not moving in the curve path. Looks as it if its moving in z axis.

here, learn by comparing
particlesSpath.blend (1.8 MB)

I moved this thread to Particles and Physics Simulations as this seems to be a support related topic.

Thanks. That was awesome. Can u tell me what setting you have used it. I have seen with curve its just force applied. And not the curve guide. Why and what else setting you have done.

Waiting for the reply. I did not get what you have done. Can you plz explain how it works. Thanks