How do I make the rendered Image not as dark?

The rendered camera view in the above windows is the result I want but whenever i render it it gives the result in the as in the picture.I have tried changing the lighting and a little camera settings but it’s always dark and a little blury. I am a beginner with blender, it might be some basic issue but I couldn’t find any solution elsewhere. It’d be very helpful if i can get a rendered imagine as i get the result in the render view. Thank you.


It must be due to a param which is different from viewport to render. For example :

  • Light object hidden ? (Maybe some light is hidden on render, see the eye and camera in outliner)
  • Modifiers ? (They use to have different param from viewport to render)
  • Etc…

(Giving the .blend could help)

See you

Thank you for your help but i can’t find anything which might help me and as i am a new user i can’t add an attachment to this as it says, so here is the link to my drive where i put it.

You did’nt join the textures so I cannot test. For sharing such file you should use File --> External Data --> Automatically Pack into .blend to put the textures into the .blend.

But did you have a look on the lights as I said ? Look into your outliner, you have 2 suns which are visible in viewport (the eye) but hidden at render time (the camera)

Ok I just found your problem, you are using post processing nodes, with brightness at -20.8 !

Your metal materials are also using subsurface scattering, and less than 1.0 Metallic values which is a bit weird. The only bits that should be less than 1.0 are bits that aren’t metal (whether that be rust, other types of oxidisation, dust, dirt, etc.). You can easily find appropriate values for the base colour of PBR metals online. Copper for example would be as attached.


For the actual lighting, have you tried using an HDRI instead of all those area lights. It will give your metal materials something nice to reflect (and you could drop their roughness a bit)

Oh my gosh, -20
I don’t trust the brightness and contrast node and never use it.

Oh right, I’m sorry i didn’t know what you meant by checking the outliner, I’m very new with blender. and thank you very much for pointing this out, i didn’t even knew about this compositing nodes before.

Okay, thank you i will try that.