How do i make this shader work in BGE

I really like this shader

How do adapt it for blender game engine?

You could set this up using the 2d filter logic brick. There are not many uniforms that you will need to deal with, which makes this easier. The time and mouse uniforms you will need to setup as properties on the object enabling the custom 2d filter. The time property you could update with logic bricks, the mouse position might be easier to do with a python controller. The resolution uniform is easy since Blender already passes that into 2d filters as bgl_RenderedTextureWidth and bgl_RenderedTextureHeight.

There you go: scrollingStarsAndLines.blend (483 KB)

Didn’t really read the code, so can’t explain what’s going on, just switched in the variables needed to get it working.

Not sure what you’d use it for, looks cool though.