How do I manipulate edge tools spline?

With edge tools, I can convert vertices to a spline. But, how do I manipulate it after that? Is there a way to
have handles on the spline?

Hi cheyrn,
after you have converted your edges to a spline
go to Edit mode, select all (A)
go to Curve menu -> Set Spline Type -> Bezier
Now the handles should show.

You can change the handle type in the Control Point menu -> Set Handle Type
or use the shortcut V.

If you select Poly or Nurbs as a spline type you can manipulate the spline similar to mesh.
E.g. select one or more vertices and manipulate them with G/S/R.

Hope that helps somehow


When I convert the edges to a spline, I am already in edit mode. I don’t see a curve menu anywhere, so far, in Edit mode. Any ideas?


I’m a bit confused.
AFAIK, to convert an edge/edges of a mesh to a curve you have to be in Object Mode?
With ‘edge tools’ do you mean the Edge menu in edit mode or are you using an addon?

Maybe check if your object is actually a curve:
Go to Object mode, select the object / curve.
If it is a curve, the part will show a curve icon next to the objects name in the outliner
and you see the curve properties in the properties panel.

I mean the “Edge tools” sub-menu, from the “Edit mesh tools” add-on.

The menu is only available to me in edit mode. My object is not a curve, it is a mesh. I’m either converting a series of edges or vertices to a curve, or allowing them to be operated on as if they were a curve.

Using the Spline option in the Edge tools menu, the result looks like a curve, with 32 control points, by default. There are tension options, but I see no way to operate on the actual curve-like thing.

Some context: I’m early in learning how to model shapes like a human head. So far, without sculpting my attempts result in weirdly jagged loops. Proportional editing is useful. Loop tools “relax” helps a tiny bit. What I would really like is to be able to manipulate the vertices making up a loop as if it were a curve in order to “normalize” the loops.

Hi Cheyrn,
now I got it.

Unfortunately I don’t see a way for further manipulation here.
You could extract the 'mesh-spline’, convert it to a curve, do the manipulation and
convert it back to a mesh.
But this doesn’t look like a practicable workflow.

Maybe rather try to use the subdivision surface modifier or make a clean mesh
below the jagged one and try to use the shrinkwrap modifier.

If you like, you could also upload your blend file so I could take a closer look.

I don’t know if it’s worth mentioning, it looks like JMeshtools does something like what I wanted to achieve by turning vertices into a spline.