How do i map game textures

Hello there.

I have made an image and using Uv mapping i have put the appropriate images over where i want them, and it works perfectly for rendering.
Though when i press “p” to start the game it comes out ridiculously bright and just strange.

How do i map for games?

And when i turn on the “textured” shading view, my UV image is now coming out pink/Purple and not showing the image i mapped.

Any good UV mapping tutorials (for game as well)
I read through the official anual and didnt find what i was looking for

Thankyou guys

I know this pink face problem, but I cannot recall just what the cause is at this time. Try going into vertex paint mode and seeing if you can paint it away.

Aren’t pink faces due to missing textures?

Ah, like when it is set to tex face and there is no image file in the UV editor? That’s sounds plausible to me.