How do I match footage to cgi in a linear workflow

Hello, so I’ve been working on a personal project where I’m trying to integrate cgi from blender into video footage, for compositing I would like to composite everything in fusion 16. The footage I’m filming is recorded with the filmic pro app on my phone so that It has a log transfer curve applied to it to be ideal for grading. The thing I am unsure of is when I convert the footage from log to linear with a lut inside fusion the colors of the linear footage get distorted when I convert everything to filmic, the cgi inside blender looks okay but the footage gets hue shifted and seems to have splotches, I could re-render to aces but I’m curious if it’s possible to match colors properly without rendering in aces.

Log image before converting to linear

Image after transformed to linear

Linear image after converted to blenders filmic srgb artifacts are red splotches, and severe hue shifts towards yellow

I’m not sure if this answers your question, but try having a look at this video, it might be able to help:

Download FiLMiC Pro proper LUT, render out using Color Managment in Standard view transform. In Resolve, apply manufacturer LUT for your footage and 3D LUT > VFX IO > Linear to sRGB to your CG. If you’re compositing in other softwares than Blender, avoid using Blender Filmic.

Those videos are about ACES workflow, but helps a lot to create your personal workflow. Even if it is a sRGB or Rec709.