How do I merge/attach a simple picture or logo to text?

Hi guys,

I’m relatively new to Blender but have gotten to know the basics and I absolutely love it. I’m still learning and it’s such a sense of reward when I do something new every time. But I have stumbled across a problem I don’t know how to solve, and I’m reaching out to the helpful members of the community, hoping for a solution. Here goes:

I have a small 2D picture of a viking helmet (I will post pictures up when I get home as I’m currently at work).
I also have some 3d text that I’ve created - “Nordic Gainz” - lets just say this text is plain and I want to apply a concrete texture later on.
I want to attach the viking helmet to one of the letters, specifically the ‘o’ in ‘Nordic’.

How do I simply attach the helmet picture to the ‘o’ so that it looks like the ‘o’ is wearing the viking helmet?

Additional points:
I managed to import the picture of the helmet, make it 3d, and position it so it looks like it’s resting on the top of the letter ‘o’. But this isn’t what I want, I want to make it look like the ‘o’ is wearing the helmet and thus I assume I need to somehow make the two become one.I really hope someone can help. Thanks in advance and I look forward to answering any questions anyone has.

If you don’t want to model the helmet, you might be better of rendering the 3d text, then merging both of those images using a image program, like photoshop or gimp.

Thanks @starplayer. I did think this but thought there might be a way to attach the helmet to the text in some way.

OK. So. My next question, then, is once I have combined the helmet with the letter ‘o’ - what do I do next. Assuming I should simply import this image (as it will be 2d) into blender… and then model it and turn it into 3d?

What do you think?

I’m not sure what is the end result you are after, but if you’d render the 3d text, import the image in a 2d program, and merge it with the helmet, it would be done. You would have an image of the text with the helmet on the O.
If you want to model the helmet in 3D, I see no reason for joining the pictures in 2d first, unless I’m not understanding something.

you could convert the Text object to a mesh object
then join the 2 may be!

show us some pics of what you have

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Thanks for the advice @Starplayer.

@RickyBlender - I will post up the text I have when I get home from work… and also the helmet 2d image I have and want to use. Then we can take it from there.

So an update, the ‘o’ I want the helmet to be on is the ‘o’ in this picture.
And this is the helmet I want (I will design an image exactly like this this myself, and it will be the bit smaller than the size of the ‘o’.

so your trying to add a 2D image above the o Letter!

you are not making the helmet 3D?

like that may be ?

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No, no, no. Sorry. Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. Apologies.

I can make the helmet so it’s extruded, just like the text. So really… it’s more 2d with depth of field. Then… I’d like to attach, or join, the helmet to the ‘o’ and apply the same colour and textures to it so it’s all one word.


I’d like to know how to make the 2d image into a 3d rendered object so I can simply place it on the ‘o’. I have a feeling this would involve turning the helmet into a mesh and simply play around with the vertices ?

Which renderer do you intend to use?
If the viewing angle allows, just use an image format with transparency and leave only the helmet opaque. Then map it to a plane and position it in front of the letter:

This might be tricky, though, as even slight variations in the viewing angle will immediately reveal the fake.

WOW!!! @Ikarishinji!! That is AMAZING!!! This is EXACTLY what I want but with the font in the picture I posted above, and the helmet picture. Can I get you on skype or something so we can talk? This is truly amazing, and exactly what I was looking for!!!

Maybe I should look for a viking helmet of similar properties as the one you have used. I’d like to use it on this image:

so really, further to my post above, I’d like this text (and I can send you the blender file of the text I made - feel free to edit it as you wish):

And any of these helmets (again you can edit these as you please, as long as the helmet is resting on the ‘o’ rather than the ‘r’):

<This is my favorite, i’m sure it can be rotated like your image above.

< and this is my 2nd preference.

Which ever is easiest to apply to sit on top of the ‘o’ in Nordic Gainz.

Thanks in advanced. (Ikari i’ve emailed you.)

Here’s a quick and dirty test with the images you provided:

I should have put more diligence into knocking out the white image background, but you get the gist…

The file for the above render can be found here (textures are packed) - nothing fancy, but imho enough to give you a pretty solid idea about how to set something similar up in Cycles.

just warning but be careful for copyright issues !

may be make one helmet for your model then it is yours!

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WOW! This is amazing! Especially with the ‘o’ and the skull picture!!! completely amazed! I am so grateful! And I really hope I can do this myself now!

So because I’m only basically skilled using blender… I’m assuming I just go into my blender text file that I created (the orange one)[in Cycles Render], then download the above file (textures pack), import it into blender and just move it around?

I’d really like to know the steps you took to do this. Do you do tutorials ? lol you have such a knowledge for this stuff I’d love to learn from you! Maybe make a little youtube video and just do it again and talk your way through it? 5-10 minute jobby? you don’t have to explain the whys on everything, just “Now i’m going to do this… and the do this… and change this… but I’m going to apply this because then that will happen… and then do this, and then that”. Just a suggestion.

Thanks again, you don’t understand how much this has helped me.

And Thank you @RickyBlender I’m aware of copyright issues so I may simply just have to edit it a little bit to my own desire so it won’t be copyright. Cheers for the info bro i didn’t think of that!