How do I merge subdivisions correctly?

Hi, after sub-dividing a cube, I get 4 faces.
I want to keep the 2 subdivisions (let’s say the bottom 2) and merge the other 2 faces together, while keep the whole face flat; no extruding of any vertices.
I have tried fiddling with “W” command and using merge with a variety of faces selected, but it always gives funny shapes/vertices.

Please guide this newbie.

Not too clear from your description on what you want,

I’m guessing that you only want to subdivide “one way” eg horizontally and not vertically .

You could have done this by selecting the verticle edges rather than the faces BEFORE subdividing,

as you’ve already done it though, to remove certain “suddivisions” (I think you’re actually talking about edges) select those edges and hit “delete” or “x” and choose “edge loop” from the popup.

A quick way to select a whole loop is to hold down “alt” whilst selecting an edge.

After sub division the face of a cube, I get 4 faces.

What I want to do is something as below:

Please advise. Thank you.

If it’s a separate and starting point, i would not use subdivide at first but rather have the single plane scaled at it’s half and then extrude an edge to complete it.
If you already have numbers of these already subdivided on a mesh, you still can go through the process of delete-ctrlM till you get what you want… but you’ll waist a all lot of time…

Merging those two faces would create a face with 5 or 6 vertices… (an Ngon)

Blender only supports faces of 3 or 4 vertices, although it can give the appearance of more …by selecting the two top faces, hit f and choose fgon… the edge in the middles is only hidden though.

This is a fairly abstract case though, I think you need to be clearer in a larger sense about what you want to achieve, or why for us to give you answers that may be actually useful.

Short answer for now is in all practical senses -NO you can’t do that!

Maybe you’re happy with fgons (fake ngons) until maybe one day it is possible.


this should have gone into the support forums…

anyways, a solution i have to offer, is this:

Thanks you all the replies, very much appreciated.
I managed to get what I want by deleting the 2 top faces, then forming a face with the 4 corner vertices.

thanks for all the advise. =]

ahh, so you made it into a ‘none water proof’ mesh, thats an option too, i guess…
aka, there are non-manifold edges. :slight_smile:

wait i thought you couldnt get faces with more that 4 vertices?

You can’t, he ‘cheated’, in a sense. The top center vertice is not actually attached to the face, nor are it’s adjacent edges.

he didn’t the two ‘middle ones’ arent connected to the face.
edit: argh, at the same time! :slight_smile: