How do i merge this?

i made a cube, made edge loops, duplicated edges loop edges and result is this

how do i tell blender that this is a single mesh, with faces to be separated by the edges, and all edges intersections are supposed to be vertices?

I don’t quite understand what you need,
like this?


that could work, but for the sake of knowledge, how would i make the loose edges and vertices merge into the pre-existing faces?

The bundled “tinycad” add-on has an option for this (XALL) it will create the intersections but also delete faces and duplicate verts so after using it you have to select all - merge by distance (M key) and recreate the faces (F key)

Instead of creating the edge loops then “duplicating” them you can bevel them (set shape to 1 to preserve corners).
Duplicating the edges gives you unconnected edges, bevelling them adds edge loops and intersections.

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Hi there!
If you put in edge loops, and/or bevelled, all the intersections should have vertices in the first place :confused: so I am not sure what the problem is.
Could you please elaborate, maybe support then query with a verticle edit mode screenshot? :blush:

there are vertices, that is correct!
it’s the edges that are not welded into the faces.

It would honestly be easier for you simply to start again. You can’t duplicate edge loops. Well… of course you can, but you can’t expect them to be joined to everything else.

why not? i honestly thought the first option to appear in the context menu for a right click would be “join everything”! why would i add edge loops if i didn’t waht to create faces? it seems pretty “off” to me. ok, ok, at least the second option in the context menu should be “join”!

If you create edge loops on some faces by pressing Ctrl+R then everything will work properly and as intended. If however you Shift+D and duplicate an existing edgeloop (or any geometry) it will just be unattached geometry.

To recreate your thing takes seconds.

  1. Add your cube.
  2. Scale it smaller in Z (or larger in X and Y)
  3. Use Ctrl+R and give it 7 cuts in one direction.
  4. Repeat for the other direction.
  5. In edge select mode select all the edges created plus the boundary edge#
  6. Cttrl+B and roll the mousewheel up to make the “bevel” 2 segments. Size appropriately.

right, the duplication of the edge loop was the problem. still.
but thanks, will try the bevel thing.
thank you

I am not sure what might have happened, but you can join vertices two different ways. Selecting two vertices and hitting J will Join them, creating different faces as well. Imagine you have a plane with two vertices at the side middles. You select those, hit J, then you will have two faces.

BUT, if you select them and hit F, it will only create a loop between the vertices, but the face will remain the same! F means Fill, so in other words, it will bridge the distance, but won’t create vertices.

Sooo, I guess that may be the step where the problem occured. If you subdivide, bevel, instet, etc… Blender will always create vertices at the intersections. So, as @JohnMalcolm1970 said, why not just quickly start anew, and it will most probably solve the issue :slight_smile:

Under a minute to get it looking similar but with everything attached.

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of corse, i’ve started anew.
the issue is that, apparently there no easy way to merge duplicated edges loops to faces, cutting these is the process :sweat_smile:

interesting. thank you.
always learning something new in blender, this megaladon of a program

There may be times where you would want to join 2 unconnected overlapping edges creating a vertex at the intersection.

The Tinycad add-on does it.

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There is this which should work… but doing it properly is so much easier

Face>Weld Edges Into Faces

Mmhh… it works in some circumstances but not in all. Just work on modelling things properly and you will save yourself a great deal of trouble later.


I wish I could do the same with my ex LOL, that is the beauty of Blender :smiley: Kepp rockin! :smiley:

That works better.

for future reference, for anyone scouring the internet and finds this thread (and also as an update to how the Weld Edges Into Faces works, so it seems), the operation works when the duplicated edge loop doesn’t contain a face.

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I wasn’t exactly scouring the internet, but I just came across having a use for this, not through an accident, but because I changed my mind about a tower extrusion which went from round to octagonal – and this way let me cut out the new octagon from the round face without the knife or knife projection, so that was very handy.

Yeah, the manual says “loose wire edges”, which implies there’s no face, but it could be more explicit. So thanks for adding the information.