How do I merge two objects?

Hello Everyone,

Blender 2.49b

I am new to Blender and I am trying to create the Euro Currency symbol. The way I have tried to accomplish this is by- Adding Text (the letter C), from which I - Convert Object Type to Mesh. Then I create 2 rectangles manually with Control + Left Moue Button and place/edit them in the right position. This is where my question comes in> How can I merge these objects to create one single object and eliminate the overlapping?

(Currently, when I fill the mesh with faces and extrude, I get a dark area where the objects overlap one another in my render, this is what I am trying to eliminate)


try this way:

  • make 2 basic objects, 1 the “C” and the other one could be the = inside the € logo ( for the second one simply duplicate 1 bar, align those two, join those 2 with selecting them and pressing CTRL+J )
  • to merge this 2 use the boolean modifier
  • check the result in realtime in the viewport and in wireframe mode

Another way to model this would be using curves

Thank you both for your replies. I first attempted to remedy this issue by following blé’s advice, but when I tried to use the boolean modifier I received an Error Message (Modifier is disabled or returned error, skipping apply) and I dont know enough Blender t modify this, so I created the currency symbol using Curves as Richard Marklew suggested, even though it took me longer, but I am satisfied with the results. Thank you both!