How do I merge two scene?

I appended an entire scene in my blend.

Now I have both scene but no idea how to make them work together. The scene I appended is a light set up that I wanted to use in my scene. It contain, I guess, some light and also some object for difusion purpose, a bunch of cameras, some world settings and probably other things I’m missing.

I’m used to apend objects or materials but a whole scene seams to be a little bit more tricky.

Select all objects in the scene you want to copy from
Ctrl+L and Link to the scene you want to copy to
If you want to remove the second scene, with the objects still selected in the scene you want to keep use U to make a single user selecting object and data
You can now delete the redundant scene

Thx I’ll try that.

Thx, it worked almost perfectly.

There was one thing I wasent able to do. I wanted the world of the scene too but didn’t manage to select it. It wasent hard to redo the settings as after checking it was a very basic world seting. But out of curiosity, is it possible to swich the world from one scene to another too?