How do I merge windows in 2.5 Alpha 2?

I’ve created a nightmare of duplicate windows because I can’t seem to merge any back together. By default there are no hotkeys set to do it, and I got myself into this mess by trying to assign hotkeys. Help would be nice.

EDIT: I think I’ve got it, but i liked the way it’s used to be more than this way. :frowning:

2.5 is very ugly ( and not finished)…don’t use it!
At least for the moment!

okay to answer your question in stead of right clicking it and saying join window go to the corner of which ever window and you’ll see lines in the corner of the window pull it by holding down the left button and moving it to which ever window you want to cover and a arrow will show you the one you have the mouse over, if you want to hide the tool window press “T” Such a stupid new interface, 2.49 is fine I don’t know what the coders for the suite were thinking (sorry if it didn’t help)

Sorry double post.

Edit :

Also if you have been working on an old file from 2.49 and load it in the new 2.50 alpha 2 or 1 then the lay out of the windows will be loaded the same way you had them in older versions neat aye!

[It takes like some weeks to get into 2.5]
It isn’t ugly looking back to 2.49. I feel ashamed and kinda get why people told me to use 3D Max

Ontopic: Draging those diagonals lines. To it’s own screen makes another screen. Draging it to another screen makes it the parent of the other screen.

So let’s say you want to keep Screen Right and get rid of screen Left drag those diagonal lines in the left corner [Yes in the header] And drag it to Screen Left

Sorry for my bad english but I’m more sorry for my bad explanation

I had a hell of a time closing windows even with this explanation.

If it’s still unclear to anyone else, this is what you do. You must merge the unwanted window with a different window that you want to keep. To do that, hover over the top right of a window (where the diagonal hash marks are) until you get a + symbol.

Then drag up and/or right (not down or left) to a different window, and hover over that window’s diagonal hash marks. The target window should darken a bit, with a big up or right-pointing arrow overlay showing faintly. That tells you that the merge will work. Once you have that big arrow, it’s safe to let go of the mouse and let the merge happen.

You don’t HAVE to merge with windows that are above or to the right of the unwanted window. Once you get the big arrow to appear, you can then drag down or left to merge in the other direction. Also don’t worry if merging the windows the way you want causes you to get the wrong view (like 3D view at the bottom and properties on top or whatever). Once the windows are set up correctly, you can use the up&down arrow thing to change what you’re viewing in that window.

Now I just need to figure out how to get my vertical properties page to stop drawing everything horizontal-style (so I have to scroll way to the right)

i was confused by this as well. but it’s really simple.

to split a window, click and drag INSIDE (of the window you want to split)

to merge windows, click and drag OUTSIDE (to the window you want to merge with)