How do I model a rope around a post?

What would be the best way to do this?


Do you mean like a lamppost?

I can think of a couple of ways:

1.) Use a path (or 3D bezier curve), shape it how you want and add a BevelOb.

2.) Use a path, shape it how you want, create small cross section of you’re rope and then use an array modifier with a curve modifier (and possibly subsurf).

3.) Do it manually with the Spin tools.

3 will probably be that hardest to do and to change. 1 is probably the best, and 2 could be used if you’re looking to keep resources down (I find having lots of curves gets heavy real fast on some older machines, or at least faster than polys do).

Yeah, it could be a lamp post.

forTe, I’ll try the ways that you’ve said. The rope I’m modelling is being used to connect a bridge. So it not only has to wrap around the post but also come out and extend to the otherside of the bridge. I hope you can picture what I mean :eek:.