How do I model destyored buildings?

How do I model destroyed buildings?

Is there a technique for doing this?

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How should I model these buildings?

I assume, it just seems like you’re only interested in hard modeling a distressed looking object, rather than applying any level of physics to begin with?

If so, I’d suggest modularity i.e. reuse various related shapes/objects

The wireframe modifier would be useful for getting those bits of scaffolding.

Build an undestroyed building and destroy it… yes i mean it… you examples seems to be mostly declined so they don’t have to be perfect. You may even just use an icosphere to cutout pieces and move some of them to the ground… and/or select a bunch of vertices and use Mesh → Transform → Randomize.

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It is easier to build a building and then destroy it in my opinion.
And you can use one building to make some different destroyed versions, which is limited from an already destroyed one.

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You already have done the first, very important step: you have reference images. You seem to have a clear idea of what you want and those photos will be useful for getting the shape right.

If you want to replicate your photos, you would need to make 3 separate things:
-damaged concrete,
-metallic structures and then twist them,
-piles of debris.

-For the damaged concrete, it’s mostly just basic shapes with booleans used to carve holes in them. Then, you add some metal bars that poke out of the holes. What really makes concrete look good is largely in the choice of texture.

If you want to go further, you can also make some pieces of concrete that hang from the twisted metal bars.

-For the metallic structures, it depends how detailed you want to get. If you want a quick and easy solution, the wireframe modifier can do it. Just extrude a cube into sections, triangulate it and then add the modifier:

If you are looking for a more advanced and realistic version, search “building steel frame” on Google images and try replicating what you see. In either case, the texture will also be very important here. You will want something that looks like the reference photos.

-For the debris, you can take pieces of concrete and metal similar to what you made in the previous steps and use rigid body physics to pile them around the ruins.