How do I model soil?

I’m modelling an animation about a flower and its container. In the container, there is soil. The flower will try to climb into the container, but will fail and spill out the soil on the ground. How do I do that?

Regards Patrik

use the liquid feature and make it really heavy liquid I think that should work. Try playing with it.

I have tried, but it becomes too liquid even with one of very low viscosity and low gravity.

try softbody?

I do not how I set up a soft body environment, can you tell me?

well its hard to explain I suggest looking for a tutorial in the blender website

these may help:

I would simulate the soil falling out using the physics engine and same the movement to IPO curves.

I don’t get it to work nice, the soft body deformation becomes very ugly or an harmonic oscillation is disturbing the simulation. I have tried to use the physics engine but without success.