how do I model this form correct?

Hi there,

I trie to model this form correct, but I get stuck … The selected point is not good.
Does somebody have an example for my?

Form_10.blend (488 KB)

You’ll have to be a bit more specific than ‘not good’. What shape are you trying to achieve? What is wrong with what you have? Also, you have an entire edge loop selected. I suspect you mean just the one vertex, but it’s hard to be sure.

Upload some different views of the object so we have a better idea what you’re trying to model.

I noticed a quad in there that is shaped like this…that is likely the problem.
(edit) whoops, didn’t realize that image was so large, heheh.

OK sorry for my poor instructions but writing English is a little hard for my.

When I add the subsurf modifier I get an ugly transition I think I make a edge-loop mistake. The problem is around the selected point (Shot BCD) result Shot_A

I hope my question is more clear now, and already thank for the reactions !!!

O Modron I fix the ugly quad later it is no problem.


Ugliness of the quad is not the problem. “Uglification” ( an obscure CG term for you ) of the rendered model, which often results from that type of quad is the issue. I think you should try fixing it, and see if that solves your problem, before asking for more help.

Probably lots of ways, it’s a tight area with a lot of quick normal changes. I redirected one loop, added a loop cut on top, changed the 6 pole to a 5-pole / tri pole combo and squared out the funky quad. It’s all quad and smooth. One way…
Form_10re.blend (493 KB)

Hi Photox, Thanx a lot for your help. I trie to use this sollution on other 6 pole’s to understand it better.

Modron I do not understand (“Uglification” ( an obscure CG term for you ) … but leave it … thanx also for helping.

‘uglification’ is when your topology results in weird shadows or bumpiness that were unintended.