how do i model this?

i´m trying to model something like this i´ve tried erasing the faces but always get angles instead of square “tubes” i´ñ most interested in the second image, the triangular one, i belive is a single mesh then arrayed, can any one help?


it looks like you have different shapes of beam or columns here
so you’ll have to model each shape and then size it to fit where it goes !

mind you i suspect that each story is the same so ounce you have one
you just have to copy it

Happy blendering

thanks for the replay, Ricky, but i was hoping something along, like using Ctrl-R and then deleting faces, wich i tried but got just “angles” intead of beams and columns.


also what i´ve done is E- individual faces only-S- and then-X-selected faces, but again not good enough.

one method to try

start with a plane, give it a diagonal, subdivide a few times, and create the hole
then extrude…this is the basic object which can be duplicated and rotated
apply two arrays to each object, one along x one along y


steeve thanks, a PLANE, duh, i was trying with a cube, you are so rigth, i´m trying again in a few minutes.

a plane, ok, one down, one to go, i´ll try the other one with a PLANE also, but it´ll bee later, thanks people, really apreciate the effort; i´m not marking this tread as solved yet, for a couple of hours.

i tyied it and lo and behold it worked, thanks steeve.


but you still have to check that the corner beam are the same size !


yes corner beams and aligned to center, this is where i am rigth now, thanks everyone, i´ll mark this tread as solved in a couple of hours.

i´m moving on, is where this struts are rigth now


ok i got what i was looking for like this it is a side product of what i really wanted, but in the end more suitable for my proyect, thanks Ricky, stevee and everyone.