How Do I model WW2 Aircraft?


I was wondering how to model WW2 aircraft using linedrawings and blueprints.

-I want to also model the inside of the aircraft, Bombays, cockpits, gun potisons, landing
gear bays etc.

-I want to make the control surfaces work, ladning gear retratact( possibley also compress to the weight of the plane) and engine, proppeler work.

How do I load line drawings into blender to do this and is there a step by step tutorial?

thankyou for taking the time to read my question and reply:)

The 3D window has a View menu, and one of the selections is “Background Image.” That will let you load your blueprints or drawings. Note: you will only see your images in top, front or side views(Numpad 7,1 or 3 or Ctrl+7, 1 or 3), not in any user view. You can adjust the size, location and transparency using the background image panel.

To model the inside of the aircraft, you’re going to need some drawings of the inside, as well. Also get familiar with h and Alt+h to hide and unhide vertices, and Alt+b to toggle in and out of limit view to box select. Another useful tool is the layer system.

As for making everything “work,” you’re talking about animating the model once you’ve built it. When you’re ready for that, post your animation questions in the support>>animation forum.

Thankyou for responding:)

In a lot of Flight sims the Aircraft have “skins” how do I do that?

how do I do the cockpit?
or how is a good way of doing it?
and how do I make it to scale?