how do I move and why isn't this changing?

I want to rotate and zoom around a point other than the centre of the grid, so I can look in more detail at a distant part of my model, however, I can’t figure out why I can’t do that. I managed it once, but since then it just flatly refuses to work.
I go to the pivot point menu, set it to 3D cursor, then that icon comes up, but it still rotates around the same point, and when I next open the menu, it is the ‘bounding box centre’ option which is highlighted still, even though that isn’t the icon that comes up on the screen the rest of the time. same thing happens when I select any other option, the icon shows up ok, but nothing else changes. :spin:
What am I doing wrong?

In the File / User Preferences / Interface settings you have an option to ‘Rotate Around Selection’ which you may prefer. Also if you press numpad . the view will focus on the selected object.

In case you don’t have a number pad (which is the case for me on my laptop), you’ll have to go to View > View Selected in order to get the functionality provided by “numberpad .” This is the case even if you are using the “emulate numberpad” feature.

I’ve always had success with the default settings simply by zooming and panning my view until it was centered about the rotation point, and then rotating from there. No messing with settings or the 3D cursor.