How do I move around the view in the bge editor in 2.5

The question in in the title.

Do you mean the logic bricks window? Just like in the 3d view. Middle mouse (Alt+LMB) to pan etc

Ya alt lmb isnt working anymore I tried it and it does nothing.

You have set ‘Emulate 3 Button Mouse’ in the User Preferences haven’t you ?

I’m using a 3 button mouse. Everything works fine in 2.49b when I go to 2.53 it gets messy
btw, Ive never seen that emulate 3 button mouse button.

If you have a 3 button mouse, no need to emulate it.

Can you give some examples of what you mean by “messy”? Maybe screenshots? More clear descriptions?

It should work pretty much exactly the same as previous versions of Blender.

By messy I mean all of the mouse functions are switched up. When I scroll on my track pad it moves the view. if I scroll and move the mouse holding alt it zoom either in or out and pans the view.

I have a 3 buttons mouse, but I still use the emulate option because I’m much used to move the view with alt+LMB :wink: