How do i move objects/bones by physics and NOT the animation system?

My problem is I’m having objects ragdoll around by physics, physics ! Great. But. Then I’m having code move them. And when the animation system flicks on, any physics like velocity in the object or bone disappears, even after the animation system flicks off (that “Animated Object” button in the physics panel). When the animation system flicks on, gravity/collision/self-collision cannot input velocity into the object/bone, nor allow keeping/using the velocity that was in it before flicking on. WHEN my arm does move up, gravity and the last velocity in my arm are in my arm “moving it”.

There are some solutions I came up with, but I have not yet figured out a way to implement one that is satisfactory.


  • Move an object by physics like force/piston/other instead of the animation system. (???)
  • Use the Influence Constraints to %50 %50 the Animation System and Physics velocities as one? Half a solution.
  • Every other 60fps (or 1,000fps (crazy fps I know)) switch between physics and “Animated Object” flicked on.
  • Live with it and hope my AI learns. Try to add gravity by code.

Solved it!!!

Use Motor Constraints. Physics affects objects while Physics can move the objects by “force input” i.e. motor constraints. Just look up the tutorial video showing 2 gears. Or post here if you really need me.