How do I move poses between projects?

Yes, I’m a real newbee.
How do I move poses between projects?

Cheers! SlowFoot

hi I"m newbie too ^^
what do you mean move poses between projects ?
do you mean reusing poses/animations in another project/blender file ?

if so you might want to take a look at append / import.
you can use google to see it.
I will try to explain it quickly here.
Shift F1, open the old project/blender file, then go to object, choose the one you want to import (model + armature) then load library. (only 2.49 to 2.49 or 2.5 to 2.5)

hope it was the right one you wanted

Hello xieu90!

Thanks for the answer. Did not help me much I’m afraid. It is specifically poses that interests me (shift-L in pose mode). They seem to be stored with each skeleton.
Special hand-poses would be very nice to reuse.

Cheers! SlowFoot.