How do i move the object center?

I made half a body, and now i am using Alt D and minus 1 scale on the X dimension to make one whole piece…the only problem is, its way far apart from the other because the object center is on the right side for some reason…any tips on how to fix this?

Object Mode Select, F9 -Centre New. Seems to be new to 2.37

Go to Edit mode, select all vertices (A key) and move it all to the object center, if I read your question right it should work. Hope it does.

(on blender 2.36)

It was in 2.04, but not in 1.80 (the two oldest versions of blender I have)

It’s certainly not new.

:slight_smile: I’ve found it just a ten minutes before posting it and could not understand why i did not use that earlier… Really useful. So I just decided it was not there. My listake.